A Bug’s Life in Police Surveillance

By 6 August 2017CELINT AE

A Bug's Life in Police Surveillance (±x)

Published on 6th August 2017

Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM

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[An interesting article for those Linkies who work at the Independent Police Complaints Commisson, South Yorkshire Police and the Crown Prosecution Service]

Empowered Individuals

First and foremost, because of my [previous] unusual work, it is extremely easy for me to end up on watch lists and as a threat to national security. The only thing that changes is the type and reason for the surveillance and the authorisations that have been obtained in connection with it (invariably unlawfully).

Secondly, it is not just ‘computery’ people who have this problem, on many occasions simply being world-class or even a specialist in a niche field such as Neurobiology or Physics results in these types of problems.

Thirdly in a similar way to the story of ‘King Midas’ everything I touch turns to Rhodium, meaning that people who try to have a relationship ends up being “linkedin’ in some way and then unlawfully interfered with!

The plan seems to be to ‘Divide and Conquer’ although it does not really work in my situation because I enjoy my own company – I get an intelligent conversation that way!

What’s The Frequency Tania?

Obviously Tania de Saram is my sister and any covert/overt/harassment surveillance would extend to her and her parents.

In any event the perpetrators go around frightening third parties and fraudulently deceiving them into/via fabricated consequences which are just laughable. As referred to here, they need the cover of darkness, and there are more serious consequences for them given the forensic information that I have 🙂

Smoke Without Fire is EASY

'There are but two powers in the world, the sword and the mind. In the long run the sword is always beaten by the mind.' - Napoleon Bonaparte...

Identification is Easy

As Theresa May cuts Police Budgets continually, takes more bobbies off the streets and replaces them with electronic components that can be paid less, it makes things incredibly easy for parties to detect the shennanigans.

From around August 2016 onwards, Tania was working with me and was in charge of Rhodium entities. Tania was subjected to computer hacking and I had detected its existence by reviewing the event logs on her computer, and even just watching the screen on occasions.

Things were getting much worse in 2017, so we obtained some gadgets to provide evidence of third party nonsense, and also to ensure that we were not accused of having Paranoid Schizophrenia – that old chestnut!

20170121 Evidence

Using the super-heterodyne receiver a completely arbitrary sweep was performed:-

no not that type of sweep… this type

And the following data was obtained. I was actually having a skype call with Tania at the time of this first test, and these are indicative.

(a) Around 394.1Mhz to 394.3MHz at between 4dB and 7dB

When the skype call drops (the sound at 0:36) the transmitter stops. This would suggest that I was in fact the ‘person of interest’ and the [probably] voice activated device went into passive mode.


The frequency of around 394MHz is around the:-

POLICE TErrestrial Trunked RAdio (“TETRA”) frequencies

from memory used for covert surveillance. It is probably transmitting to a nearby repeater. Clearly not that covert as I am thousands of miles away from Rotherham, UK and can see the evidence from here 🙂

Also I think that frequency was used by US airbases in Europe, which of course is interesting, and the typical usage is Narrowband Frequency Modulation bugs (“NFM”)

The funny thing is that I have become more ‘interesting’ to third parties despite not doing any marketing, which contrasts the level of interest when Margaret Cunniffe and Luke Jackson were handling the Public Relations in 2000!

(b) ‘Analog’ at 6dB could indicate the existence of a fairly primitive bug;

(c) Wi-Fi and 2.4Ghz could indicate a local Wi-Fi network OR a bug hiding on Wi-Fi frequencies. The existence of (a) would suggest the latter explanation;

Second Video Clip

In this clip two additional frequencies are immediately observable:-

(d) Around 939.2Mhz at 0dB

(e) Around 958.6MHz at 0dB

The reason that 0dB appears is because of the sensitivity of the device – the transmissions were at a power of more than 0dB but less than 1dB and the device is super-heterodyne as well.

(f) 394.2MHz at 6dB appears again, device ‘ready to rumble’

Frequencies (d) and (e) are similar to those of Cellnet, but my sister’s mobile is on EE funnily enough. The bug could be one of those operating on GSM frequencies – a small device with just a sim card:-

Further Stills

Tania then walked around her house, going to different rooms. The following still is interesting:-


(g) 394.1MHz at 24dB – this is on Police TETRA and FAR TOO HIGH250mW and can cause health issues

(h) 939.2MHz at 16dB – 40mW

(i) 958.6MHz at 10db – 10mW

Third Video Clip

This is the video clip itself – loads of frequencies (217MHz is a frequency used for Assistive Listening Devices (“ALDs”) which can enhance audio, 225MHz is in the NATO 225MHz to 400Mhz block but I think the bottom end is used for Digital Radio nowadays).

Dangers of TETRA

Terrestrial trunked radio (TETRA): health effects from exposure

This publication (Documents of the NRPB volume 12, number 2) gives advice on the possible health effects of TETRA...

Although this follow-up report from 2012 is nonsense, as anyone who has experience with the technology underlying Psychotronic Weapons would know:-

Criminal Gangs and Tetra

23641 We have a received a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 for the following: Are there any known organisations which are…

Dr Barrie Trower – British Weapons Expert

Just a Quick Analysis

For simply obtaining a ‘flavour’ of ‘what is going on’, this test is fine. If we wanted to conduct an exhaustive test then we would need to have the proper equipment operating for say 200hrs continuously and allow them to capture the proper data for export.


The above url describes the spectrum though I have not looked for the purpose of this exercise. Devices could also be foreign or military in nature so reviewing the above would not necessarily be conclusive.

After robust figures are obtained a proper frequency analysis can take place, though the information here is good enough for filing a First Incident Report with the Police, as regardless of the perpetrators (ie them), that there is something going on.

Also reviewing videos confirmed that the signals were much higher in upstairs rooms which would suggest a device in the loft and in the computer room / guest room. The computer room is a good location as commercial matters would be discussed and it is easy for a bug to obtain a power source – such as inside PC’s base unit.

Bottom Line


Obviously there would be authorisations (which I would obtain and quash) or the activity was unlawful, which concurrently does not surprise me.

The use of devices for surveillance at a power far greater than that required for surveillance is a serious situation. Exposure to such microwave radiation is harmful and is effectively harassment surveillance.

And remember, don’t hassle my beloved sister Tania otherwise I will be getting involved…

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Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM