Evidence of 412.3Gbs Wireless Connection and Weapons of Mass Distraction

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Evidence of 412.3Gbs Wireless Connection and Weapons of Mass Distraction (±x)

Published on 20th July 2018

Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM

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Weaponised ‘Stuff’

There are always issues arising for people who are involved with Dual-Use products:-

Yin and Yang in Technology

This is a short article about how certain types of software projects (cryptographic) come under the auspices of Aerospace & Defence... [I am still...

such as this:-

The Matrix Revisited - Arms to Iraq in the 1980s v Weaponised Software in the 2010s

This article is about Matrix Churchill, a UK Aerospace engineering company based in Coventry, with expertise in both the design and manufacture of...

Death of Dr David Kelly

David Kelly was the Ministry of Defence advisor to the UK government before he ended up dead over the Weapons of Mass Destruction issue.

The interesting part of this paragraph is:-


The BBC broadcast a programme on Kelly on 25 February 2007 as part of the series The Conspiracy Files;[34] the network commissioned an opinion poll to establish the views of the public on his death. 22.7% of those surveyed thought Kelly had not killed himself, 38.8% of people believed he had, and 38.5% said they did not know.[35].

On 19 May 2006 Norman BakerLiberal Democrat MP for Lewes, who had previously investigated the Hinduja affair, which led to the resignation of government minister Peter Mandelson, announced that he had been investigating “unanswered questions” from the official inquiry into Kelly’s death.[36] He later announced that he had uncovered evidence to show that Kelly did not die from natural causes.[37]

In July 2006, Baker claimed that his hard drive had been wiped remotely.[38] Baker’s book The Strange Death of David Kelly was serialised in the Daily Mail before publication in November 2007.

More political issues for me – it is in fact I who was involved with a political site which called WeaponsOfMassDistraction.com, aimed at exposing the fraud of how the British people were misled about the UK/US invasion of Afghanistan, as governments are looking for terrorist groups they themselves have created?

Remote Wiping of Hard Drives

I am well aware of the National Security Agency’s capabilities in this area. An easy to understand article is this one:-

Your hard drives were RIDDLED with NSA SPYWARE for YEARS

Kaspersky: 'Equation Group' attacked 'high value targets'...

Radio-frequency Weapons

Microwaves are a form of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths ranging from one metre to one millimetre; with frequencies between 300 MHz (100 cm) and 300 GHz (0.1 cm). This broad definition includes both UHF and EHF (millimetre waves), and various sources use different boundaries. In all cases, microwave includes the entire SHF band (3 to 30 GHz, or 10 to 1 cm) at minimum, with RF engineering often restricting the range between 1 and 100 GHz (300 and 3 mm).

After I was subjected to a staged road traffic accident in October 2015, I have mentioned that my house was rewired with wireless cameras and mics. But one of the worst aspects was a continual transmission of high doses of microwave radiation onto my equipment as well as me.

The Effect of Electromagnetic Fields on LCD Screens

So before any ‘experts’ say that ‘magnetic fields do not affect LCD screens because there is no electron gun’ think about the ‘Hall Effect’ and ‘ferrous crystals’

you don’t need an electron gun to switch transistors on and off 🙂

Recovered Forensic Evidence

On 07 October 2017 I recovered more evidence, and I present it here:-

20151214 130248

This is the result of an initial hack via the wireless router (not necessarily via WAN), which has then targeted wireless drivers of LAN devices connecting to it – this was THREE days before 17 December 2015. The WLAN drivers have been re-written during the hack:-

* * 412.3Gbps Wireless LAN – COOL !! * *

Additionally this laptop had been in operation when Chamaree Silva and the MERRY BAND OF SHITHEADS were involved in data exfiltration and ‘sneaking around putting wireless networks on’

UK IP - A One in 3.7 Billion Fraud


It is surprisingly easy to hack via Routers, as the following article confirms. Notwithstanding that I do NOT approve of antics against intelligence agencies:-

Pandora's Box

I read an article in the UK Guardian today entitled 'WikiLeaks publishes 'biggest ever leak of secret CIA documents'. As usual journalists are...

the underlying technology does facilitate such attacks:-

The Latest WikiLeaks Release Shows How the CIA Goes After Routers

Routers aren't great at security—and apparently no one knows that better than the CIA...

20151214 132532

So following on from the other 14 December 2015 video above, I decided to erase the SSD (this one was around 500Gb) to have a clean basis upon which to install the operating system. Even during this process the directed energy was evident!!

As I had better things to do than watching paint dry:

attended to went to another room. Upon my return I found that the laptop was frozen and on rebooting the SSD was lifeless – it had been subjected to an electromagnetic pulse, of the order to render it unusable.

All I could do was put two new 1Tbs into the laptop and start again. This time the erasing and installation process was successful and since it was the ‘cleanest machine’ with no malware, I moved various evidentiary material onto it.

I was however concerned by the apparent escalation of activities.

20151217 135219

After Edward de Saram left my house on 17 December 2015 I heard a high-pitched sound and ran upstairs. I saw that there were electromagnetic pulses which targeted one of my main systems. This system had particular significance in that it contained evidence that I would need to use in various cases, as defences and/or counterclaims.

I think this is the first time data destruction by a government using an Electromagnetic Pulse has been captured on video

– even the keyboard had been rendered inoperative. The computer was NOT connected to the internet either and the wireless network had also been switched off. The laptop, an Asus G75VX with two 1Tb SSDs, was being turned into an expensive concrete slab!

And then there is this article in which the evidentiary material relating to the Melbourne Fraudsters has been destroyed, together with the hard drive geometry.

From Kilobytes to Exabytes

This is a short article about the evolution of computing over 35yrs or so, as well as the latest forensic evidence confirming that the Psychiatric...


I have only ever seen this type of activity in highly classified forensic analysis typically involving counter-terrorism operations, so I am naturally surprised to see my home systems corrupted like this!!

The perpetrators appear to be HMRC/NCA Mobile Forensic peeps primarily but some aspects could be more akin to US / UK Military Intelligence which makes more sense given the other meaty forensic evidence that I have but have not disclosed 🙂

But there are the hallmarks of a non-governmental organisation, such as a group of donkeys going around who think they can freeze assets and bring a successful private prosecution – one type of party with fingers in pies everywhere would be:-

Kroll Corruption Exposed

Never Forget the Lessons of the Past in the Quest for the Future' - JSR DS A few days ago on 10 March 2017 I spoke to one of my lawyers at Mishcon de...

Even Frederic Laroche had ‘issues’ with his insurance company, who seemed to be ‘in the know’ and directing the police:-

Clearly a tremendous amount of effort has gone into protecting the Melbourne Fraudsters and destroying my evidence against them and others.

However this is simply more information to confirm that:-


and the Psychiatric Fraud occurred because:-


And my hardcore forensic evidence needed to be wiped obviously:-

Facilitated by Psychiatric Fraud

Destruction of Evidence Please add me to your connections and read other unusual articles relating to Information Security, Forensics, and Fundamental Human Rights...

Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM